Dance Activ-8 Kids

Dance Activ-8 Kids training course will enable you to deliver dance fitness classes to kids aged 7 – 12 years old.

This one day course is delivered in a similar format to our Dance Activ-8 Core training.

Our aim is to teach and facilitate a fun, engaging and effective fitness experience through relaxed, energising and encouraging classes that make our students feel confident dancing outside of our classes as well as during them. Above all, we’re passionate about training and enabling non-dance professionals to be able to carry the programme into schools, youth groups or any other community group.

At a time when one in four children are now classed as clinically obese, some children and teenagers battle increasingly with body confidence and self-esteem issues, and a huge proportion of the population struggle to achieve a healthy lifestyle..

Through our experiences teaching a range of well-known dance fitness classes, we also found many children were struggling to connect with other dance class styles, or achieve their full benefit.  Many popular programmes on the market use music or dance styles that children cannot relate to in their everyday lifestyle or music or dances they would not choose to use in their social time. We believed we could provide an alternative kind of dance class that would bring together all these needs and give a wider range of people a way to enjoy dance, get fit and have fun together.

Making use of the popularity of recent dance acts such as Diversity and Flawless, Dance Activ-8 is based around contemporary commercial dance – a strong, funky style that integrates elements of house, street, contemporary and party steps, performed to the latest, licensed chart music. Dance Activ-8 acts as the perfect blend of non-complex choreography that’s easy to pick up whilst having fun, strengthening muscles, and improving balance, flexibility and co-ordination of the younger population.

Developed for use in schools and communities, Dance Activ-8 is taught and delivered through an innovative, accessible and professionally-backed programme. Endorsed by Skills Active and REPS, working to new National Curriculum targets as well as meeting and exceeding Ofsted requirements for schools.

Our Dance Activ-8 Kids Training will take you from absolute beginner to Instructor status in just one day!

This one day highly energised and fun filled workshop will teach you all there is to know on how to successfully launch your Dance Activ-8 kidsclasses.  We teach you the Core Steps of our four most popular dance styles that are Street, Party Steps, Commercial and Contemporary.

You will learn how to plan and prepare safe and effective class plans that children will be able to follow with ease whilst keeping them motivated and reaping the health benefits of dance fitness.

We will also teach you how to plan safe Warm Up and Cool Down routines, add games and educational discussions into your classes to make children aware of the benefits of regular exercise in a fun and engaging way.  We will  discuss the basics of  child Anatomy and Physiology to equip you with sound knowledge of how to use music, speed/tempo and the choreography styles to suit your clients fitness levels.

We will also give you guidance on child protection and how to deploy safeguarding policies when working with children.

A fun filled day of dancing will boost your confidence in launching your very own Dance Activ-8 kidsclasses.

To round it all off we offer you plenty of business advice, tips and support to help you get your classes off the ground.

There is so much demand today to get children and young people moving more.  This is a great opportunity to boost earnings or launch a career in a very demanding area for fitness.

Take the Training On Line

Fast track your career by taking the training on line and from the comfort of your home at a time that suits you.

Yes, we have made the training AVAILABLE COMPLETELY ONLINE so that you can take your training from anywhere across the globe and launch your Dance Activ-8 Kids classes without delay!

The quality and content is exactly the same as what you would expect from a live workshop.  Our On Line training course puts you in control on when and where you want to study.