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Dance Activ-8 training course now made available completely online

With the increasing demand for Dance Activ-8 classes on a global scale we are now offering our training totally online for anyone who wants to fast track the launch of their classes or kick start a career as a Dance Activ-8 Instructor. The quality and content of the course has not been compromised and is laid out in the same way as a live training workshop, however this way of learning puts you in control of learning at a time and pace that suits you with a cost saving on the price of the course too.

Become a Dance Activ-8 Instructor through our one day workshop and fast track your career

One day. Just £169. A world of possibilities.

This £169 workshop won’t be around for long and we’ve only got so many spaces before the promotional period ends. So get in touch, sign up and become a Dance Activ-8 instructor today.

Five concrete reasons to step up and get on board as a Dance Activ-8 instructor

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Stop paying for the pleasure of Dance Activ-8, and begin earning When you transition from class participant to fully fledged Dance Activ-8 Instructor, you’ll move from the dance floor, onto the stage. You’ll earn through a workout culture that you yourself believe in – and you’ll benefit from a brand that coaches you within a single day – taking you from novice to professional within a matter of hours. Through our workshop, you’ll acquire the skills needed to identify the physical processes behind all of the fun and will become confident in planning enriching and creative fitness routines that, quite simply, work. What’s more you’ll of course have the fact that your routines burn an incredible 800 to 1200 calories each time – something that few others can truly claim.

This is a career that is as suited to the home mother, as it is to the qualified fitness instructor We’ve designed Dance Activ-8 to be accessible to all – and this goes for our instructor training too. Upon our books we proudly list instructors from all walks of life, from the home mother, to the part time worker who has sought out a flexible opportunity that will fit around their other commitments.

With our membership programme – your classes will be kept fresh and full of fun The biggest hurdle that any fitness instructor faces is where their clients become used to the same regimes – and where this is experienced there comes boredom and dwindling class numbers. When you choose Dance Activ-8, you choose to become an instructor who benefits from always updated choreography and a wealth of ideas to keep your workouts fresh, and your classes full.

Dance Activ-8 – A more than worthy contender when pitted against Zumba There’s been a buzz around Zumba for some time, yet this Spanish language based class can be held back in both effectiveness and participant engagement with music and words that no one knows, nor speaks. With Dance Activ-8 instructors and class goers look forward to UK chart topping music that can be sung along to – something that serves as just one of the ways our classes are both fun and sociable in equal measure.

Dance Activ-8 is the ultimate dance class workout Because Dance Ativ-8 draws upon the on-trend dance scenes of Commercial, Street, Disco and House, students quickly become involved within the class. The moves and styles that they’ve been so used to seeing upon the greatest musical stages and upon the hottest of music videos, are now being busted out by them – and all whilst toning, firming and burning some serious calories. This isn’t a hard sell. This is the ultimate dance workout. And your future clients are going to love it!

Already in the business?

Tap into the potential of profit that doubles

As someone who is already in the fitness industry, you’re likely always on the lookout for up-and-coming regimes that deliver incredible results for your client – results of which you yourself are proud to present and promote.

With calorie burns of between 800 and 1200 on average, Dance Activ-8 surpasses other options with ease as far as weight loss goes – but then you already knew that, right?

What you may not know is that, with the addition of our classes, it’s possible to double your income practically overnight. After all, you already have the client base – and we’re sure that after a single Dance Activ-8 taster session your clients will be fully fledged fans all too ready to sign up for more.

Fitter clients. More profit. A workout format that creates a buzz around your business.


Pricing for the Training Workshop following this limited offer will be £199.

Why not take the training completely ONLINE and fast track your career TODAY for just £129.