About Us


Dance Activ-8 is an exciting and energetic dance fitness programme developed to help individuals lose weight, feel great and stay fit.

Founded in 2014, by Creative Director Victoria Milan, a skilled dance and fitness instructor, Dance Activ-8 teaches class participants, students and dance instructors a new way to keep fit and secure a prosperous career within the fitness industry.
Dance Activ-8 teaches and facilitates a fun and engaging dance portfolio making modern music and styles accessible to all.

  • Class participants nationwide can socialise whilst progressing their fitness levels to stay healthy and active
  • Youngsters can participate in their own specialist Dance Activ-8 programme
  • Instructors can learn an innovative fitness programme to launch a dance class career or boost their current schedule
  • Business mentoring specifically designed for the fitness industry can provide all the core business and communication skills you need to succeed with a thriving dance fitness career

We’re passionate about training non-dance professionals to carry the fitness programme not only into fitness classes, but also into schools, youth groups and the wider community to combat growing social issues such as obesity, confidence and self-esteem.

GET Dance Activ-8 Certified Now!

The ultimate Dance Fitness Workout with an unparalleled high calorie burn in just one class


Dance Activ-8 ON Demand

Classes to Go! Bringing the atmosphere of a group class directly to you! When you are too busy to get to the gym or you are not ready to join a class and prefer to work out at home, then this class is for you! Join Victoria, wherever you are and at whatever time suits you best. A variety of on-line live classes to suit all levels of ability from beginners to advanced. Just log-in to your personal account and Victoria and her class will be waiting to burn up the dance floorwith you and torch those calories! No need to dance out alone!


Dance Activ-8 Adults

Ten exercises are mandatory: four consecutive high leg kicks, patterns. A maximum of ten elements from following families are allowed: push-ups, supports and balances, kicks and splits, jumps and leaps. Elements of tumbling such as handsprings, handstands, back flips, and aerial somersaults are prohibited. Scoring is by judging of artistic quality, creativity, execution, and difficulty of routines. Sport aerobics has state, national, and international competitions.


Dance Activ-8 Kids

Specially developed in response to now well-established concerns over childhood obesity levels and current research into sport participation issues amongst young people. These classes are aimed at 6 – 12 year olds. Making use of the popularity of recent dance acts such as Diversity and Flawless, Dance Activ-8 acts as the perfect blend of non-complex choreography that’s easy to pick up while still looking stylish, getting hearts pumping, strengthening muscles, and improving balance, flexibility and co-ordination.


Dance Activ-8 Core

Turn your passion for dance and love for fitness into a rewarding career that helps others achieve their fitness goals and lead a healthier lifestyle. As a certified Dance Activ-8 Instructor, you don’t just help people workout, you help change behaviors that change lives. If you’re ready to make a difference, we are ready to show you how. Our training is completely On Line now so you can fast track your career, alternatively check out dates and venues for upcoming training workshops near you.

Dance Activ-8 Kids

Childhood obesity has become a growing concern in modern times. Stay up-to-date with the latest fitness research, trends, and techniques with our continuing education courses. As a certified Dance Activ-8 Instructor, this certification enables you to work with young children and with schools as Dance Activ-8 is Ofsted compliant and well received by P.E. Departments. Help children lead healthy lives and also expand your outreach of classes.

Exercise To Music Level 2 (ETM L2)

Fitness careers, and in particular becoming a dance fitness instructor, are more accessible once you have gained an Exercise to Music (ETM) Level 2 Certification.The Dance Activ-8 Instructors Workshops are internationally recognised and have been aligned with the ETM Level 2 qualification to expand your training and knowledge beyond safe, fun and choreographed routines. This Course will equip you with the skills to identify physical processes behind the exercise and encourage the confidence to plan enriching and creative fitness routines that work! Map your learning and classes against the certificate. Online courses are available to help provide you accessibility from your very home and anywhere in the world to suit your lifestyle and work commitments.