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Join the nationwide phenomena Dance Activ-8, an exciting dance fitness programme, which harnesses the health benefits of exercise and combines the excitement and emotion of music.

Dance Activ-8 offers a fresh style of dance fitness integrating Street, House, Disco and Commercial Dance Music that continually change to keep you motivated and challenged! Dance Activ-8 programmes can be enjoyed as a class participant as part of a fitness regime or join one of our fitness instructor courses/workshops.

  • Contemporary choreography
  • Easy to grasp fully loaded workout
  • Strengthen muscles
  • Improve balance
  • Increase flexibility and coordination

Through our fitness instructor courses/workshops, instructors can gain continued professional development points from the Register of Exercise Professionals for on-going recognition or to kick start a professional fitness career.

The Dance Activ-8 programme is mapped directly onto the Exercise to Music Level 2 qualification. Funding is currently available for you to subsidies part of the cost and payment plans are available.

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Lose Weight, Feel Great with Dance Activ-8

Lose Weight, Feel GREAT in our dance fitness classes that make you look great on the dance floor!At Dance Activ-8, we’re that little bit different. We offer unparalleled levels of calorie burn – whilst providing a fun, vibrant atmosphere and workouts that are as rewarding as they are easy.

We don’t believe in gruelling regimes that feel like a punishment. We believe that music and fitness go hand in hand; in our classes there is chart topping music, there is singing and there is bounds of motivation that arises from engaging instructors and friendships that are formed.

Our classes bring the moves of music videos into the studio and the dance styles of pop culture to life. Through uplifting trainers and enthused students the dance scenes of Commercial, Street, Disco and House are made accessible in a way that barely feel likes learning… or even exercise for that matter!

This is exercise, reinvented – and it’s reaping some serious results for those who step up and into our energised classes. You will lose weight, feel great and want to keep coming back for more!

Let’s take a closer look at those health benefits

For too long those who have wanted to get fit have faced a choice between fun and results. At Dance Activ-8, we’ve redefined what it means to workout. We’ve combined the emotion of music with years of insider industry knowledge as to what, quite simply, secures results. Here are just some of the fitness benefits that are delivered for those who take the plunge and sign up to the exciting world of Dance Aciv-8 workouts. – Dance Activ-8 strengthens muscles from head to toe – Dance Activ-8 skyrockets stamina – Dance Activ-8 improves balance – Dance Activ-8 tones muscles throughout the body – Dance Activ-8 burns calories of between 600 and 800 per class (now what other form of exercise can do that?) Put simply, Dance Activ-8 produces real results, really quickly – and with workouts as.


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